Saturday, May 25 at 5 pm

MASS IN C MAJOR, K. 317 “Coronation”


On Saturday, May 25th we will explore the composition of Mozart’s greatest complete Mass setting, the Mass in C Major, K 371, “Coronation”. The Mass was first performed in the Salzburg Cathedral on Easter Sunday, April 4, 1779, composed in Mozart’s new capacity as salaried court organist for the archbishop. It is appropriately grand; a masterpiece of concise and vigorous expression. 

Mozart’s visits to Mannheim had brought him in contact with one of the greatest orchestras in Europe. The Mannheimers were noted for their emphatic dynamic contrasts of forte and piano (Its crescendos were said to cause the audience to rise up in their seats.) The Mannheim style here is evident from the very first note, as the orchestra and chorus plays and sing forte/piano/crescendo.

We will also explore the Masonic influence on his work. Although Mozart was admitted as an apprentice to the Viennese Masonic lodge years later than this composition, essential elements of Masonic music (simplicity of melodic lines, symmetry of form, transparent harmonies) have been present, evolving and maturing on his style from early years and are all present in this work. The purpose of music in the Masonic tradition is to spread good thoughts and unity among the listeners so that they may be "united in the idea of innocence and joy". We hope the chorus and instrumental ensemble’s presentation of the piece will bring you as much joy as it is for us to perform it. 


Daniel Canosa



Katelan Bowden, soprano
Zoila Muñoz, mezzo-soprano
Aaron Gallington, tenor
Nathan Halbur, bass-baritone

Doors open one hour before the performance begins.

Arts Cafe will serve snacks and beverages.


Presentation & Performance

Row A $35; 
Rows B & W $25.

All other rows $10

Reservations for Row A, B, & W only required.

For reservations, please, contact

Jean Taylor  |  jean@apolloarts.org (530) 692-3153



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